Perhaps the most intriguing feature of's (NASDAQ:AMZN) new Fire smartphone is its "Dynamic Perspective" technology.

Amazon Dynamic Perspective enables a new class of immersive apps, Credit: Amazon

After all, Dynamic Perspective is what enables not only the Fire's mesmerizing 3-D effects, but also its slick new one-handed gesture interface features.

What's more, Amazon plowed loads of resources into perfecting Dynamic Perspective, including years of work to create a custom sensor package comprised of four front-facing specialized cameras, four infrared LEDs, complicated real-time computer vision algorithms, and a new graphics rendering engine.

But according to the Fool's Steve Symington in the following video, all this effort could be for naught if Amazon can't win over one key group of people: application developers.

To be sure, Steve notes that Amazon appears to be off to a strong start, with this being an Android-based device and with dozens of big-name Dynamic Perspective apps already set to be available in time for Fire's July 25 launch. At the same time, however, Amazon has plenty of work to do in convincing many smaller developers that customizing their apps for use with Dynamic Perspective is worth their time and resources.

To hear Steve's full take on why software developers are key to Dynamic Perspective's long-term success, please watch the full video.