Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) is a company still searching for a turnaround. After a tumultuous past marked by a revolving door of executives, former eBay head Meg Whitman came in to right the ship. After instituting many changes and marking down past acquisitions, Whitman promised a turnaround for HP -- one that hasn't quite materialized yet. 

The main problem is that HP is tethered to the declining PC market. But a recent IDC report gives a small bit of respite for the beleaguered PC maker. IDC reports the PC monitor market isn't shrinking as much as anticipated in the first quarter of 2014. And while this only one part of a huge market, the news is mildly encouraging for PC makers.

Motley Fool tech analysts Jamal Carnette and Nathan Hamilton discuss this for Hewlett-Packard investors. Jamal states that this was an encouraging report for HP; HP increased its unit shipments nearly 9%. So while this doesn't lead us to think this is the turnaround HP investors are looking for, it does point toward more favorable industry headwinds than analysts have been expecting.