In the following video, 3-D printing specialist Steve Heller asks Proto Labs (NYSE:PRLB) Chief Technology Officer Rob Bodor what the company's biggest goal is in the next year. As Bodor explains, Proto Labs will continue expanding its services and capabilities, which in doing so, will allow it to serve an even greater customer base. Going forward, Proto Labs investors should expect that new services or capabilities will expand Proto Labs' addressable market, which in turn, provides the company with an even greater runway for long-term growth.

Steve Heller: In the next year your [Proto Labs'] biggest goal as a company -- what would you say that would be?

Rob Bodor: To continue to grow our [Proto Labs'] services and our capabilities, and engage customers more deeply. Some ways that we're doing that are, as we expand our range of offerings, we can start to engage the customer at the level of their products, versus just at individual parts.

Now, the broad bill of materials of given product, we can really have technologies and materials to serve the whole bill of materials, or a critical part of that bill of materials, so we [Proto Labs] can really help them take their products to market in 5-10 days after reaching us.