Natural gas flaring has been a huge issue in the Bakken formation for quite some time, and it looks as though regulators are at wit's end with producers sending gas sky high. Last week, the North Dakota Industrial commission handed down very strict penalties for companies that are unable to get gas flaring under control within the next several months. Sure, they could be a major hindrance to companies that don't comply, but what's more important to investors are the companies that could really profit from this decision. One of those is Chart Industries (NASDAQ:GTLS).

Thanks to Chart and a new innovation from General Electric (NYSE:GE)-- its CNG in a box system -- Chart could find itself with a slew of orders for its natural gas transportation and distribution equipment, thanks to these new regulations. Find out more about how this, and the natural gas game in general, has affected Chart during the past couple of years, and how it could help companies become flaring free, by tuning into the video below.