The S&P 500 was hit pretty hard this past week with a 0.95% decline, but the energy sector fared even worse with a 1.85% decline. However, that doesn't mean every stock suffered. Thanks to some enthusiastic opinions from Wall Street analysts and other events this week, Parsely Energy (NYSE:PE), Concho Resources (NYSE:CXO), Alliance Holdings GP (NASDAQ:AHGP), Memorial Resource Development (NASDAQ:MRD), and Susser Petroleum Partners (UNKNOWN:SUSP.DL) all saw shares climb more than 3.4% this week and were the five best-performing energy stocks of the week.

Check out the following presentation it will give you a full rundown of what sent all five of these energy stocks higher this week, a review of each company for those just getting to know these companies, and what any of this past week's events mean for these companies in the long run.