On Wednesday's Market Foolery, host Chris Hill and Motley Fool One analyst, Jason Moser, rake through the high-end retailer Michael Kors (NYSE:CPRI) as Wall Street turns away from it.

On Monday, Market Foolery discussed Michael Kors and Jason sounded a cautious note. On Tuesday, several Wall Street firms lowered their price targets on Michael Kors, citing promotions. The high-end retailer is trying to create more traffic, and offering discounts and coupons can create that. Yet, Jason again asks how high-end a store can be when it's in an outlet mall. He notes that retail is fickle and pins Tiffany as an example, yet Jason is quick to point out that Coach is not the opposite of Michael Kors.

Chris is waiting for earnings season especially with Coach. Jason believes that any weakness found in any retail company will find the market retaliating quickly.