Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to report earnings on Tuesday after the bell, and the wealth of news coverage on the company will undoubtedly ramp as industry followers dive into quarterly results and speculate on just what product Apple will release next.

Given Apple's position as the big kid on the block, investors can get lost in the noise that surrounds its quarterly reports. But for Apple investors interested in better understanding the company, what are the biggest misconceptions that have led others astray?

In the included video, Fool Tech Analysts Jamal Carnette and Nathan Hamilton touch upon two areas of the its operations that Apple followers tend to misunderstand.

Nathan discusses the misconception surrounding China and the speed at which Apple's revenue in the country has amounted to nearly 25% of sales -- a fact that has played second fiddle to the belief that Apple can't compete in developing markets where low-end handsets are popular. 

Taking on a different topic, Jamal points out how Apple's innovative roots remain in place, despite perceptions by some that a lull in major product releases is a signal that Apple has lost its way.