Source: Kinder Morgan

The Kinder Morgan (NYSE:KMI) family of companies reported excellent second quarter results after markets closed yesterday. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (NYSE: KMP) did most of the heavy lifting as its results provided the bulk of the fuel for Kinder Morgan's own results. Likewise, because of the family's structure, its results are what matter to investors in Kinder Morgan Management (NYSE: KMR) as well.

What investors might not know is that 100% of Kinder Morgan Management's dividends are fueled by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners while 75% of Kinder Morgan's income comes from the MLP. Because of that, understanding the MLP's results are critical to investors in all three companies. To help everyone gain a better understanding of this quarter's results I created the following slideshow. The presentation takes a closer look at what fueled Kinder Morgan Energy Partners' results this past quarter and compares those results to the second quarter of last year, as well as to the first quarter of this year. In addition to that it takes a brief look forward so investors can see that the Kinder Morgan family of companies is well positioned to continue delivering solid growth for years to come.