In the following video, 3-D printing specialist Steve Heller asks Jared Helfrich, global director at ExOne (NASDAQ:XONE), what he thinks is the company's biggest growth opportunity over the next five years. During the segment, Helfrich uses the terms "direct" and "indirect" to categorize ExOne's business between 3-D printers that directly make parts and 3-D printers that 3-D print molds, which indirectly make parts. Going forward, ExOne investors should tune into future conference calls to determine how each side of the business is faring. As ExOne continues to introduce new materials, investors should reasonably expect that the direct side grows in terms of opportunity.

A full transcript follows the video.  

Steve Heller: In terms of your [ExOne's] biggest opportunity, you're thinking out five years, your company's in a great position, your biggest opportunity now, you know, you guys recently had a strategy shift change instead of trying to target metal foundries you're finding that foundries don't necessarily -- they're not as receptive to your technology, it kind of gives away their trade secret and all the magic so you're going direct to foundries customers now so there's that foundry side of the business and there's also the metal, direct metal, 3-D printing side. What would you say is like the biggest opportunity over the next five years?

Jared Helfrich: Yeah, I think the big thing for us [ExOne] is to envolve, we're looking to evolve, both strategies. I mean, if there's a higher growth rate I'd say it's probably in the direct side but that doesn't mean in terms of core focus both of them are in our core focus.

Heller: Very good.

Helfrich: But in terms of where we want to see higher growth and higher growth rates we'd hope it's on the direct side.

Heller: All right, very good. Thank you so much Jared.

Helfrich: Okay, thank you.