In the following video, 3-D printing specialist Steve Heller and Motley Fool industrials analyst Blake Bos discuss how 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) metal 3-D printers are differentiated from the competition. Last year, 3D Systems acquired Phenix Systems to bolster its 3-D metal printing portfolio in an effort to capitalize on robust industry growth. Aviation giants like General Electric and others are working to use metal 3-D printing to produce jet engine components, paving the way for 3-D printing to represent a greater share of the manufacturing industry.

With a healthy metal 3-D printing backlog reported last quarter, 3D Systems cannot seem to build its metal 3-D printers fast enough to keep up with demand, despite continuing to add capacity to produce more metal 3-D printers. Going forward, 3D Systems investors should look forward to EuroMold 2014 in November, when 3D Systems is likely to make new metal 3-D printing product announcements, to determine how 3D Systems continues differentiate itself from the competition.