If you were to ask most people on the street what the price of oil is today, a decent amount of people might have an idea. If you ask them what that price means for the oil and gas industry, though, the sound of crickets is likely to follow. 

That's the funny thing about the oil and gas industry. Thanks to an awful lot of attention from the media, the quoted price of oil is pretty well known, but very few investors know how those sorts of things can affect their investments. In today's episode of Where the Money Is, Motley Fool columnist Tyler Crowe and host Mark Reeth take a deeper look to clear the air on some of the many misconceptions related to the price of oil, how much oil prices should influence your decision to invest in an energy company, and whether today's declining prices are a time to buy into oil stocks. 

Mark Reeth and Tyler Crowe have no position in any stocks mentioned.

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