Cue the Charlie Brown sad piano music, because investors who hold a stake in any part of the iron ore, metallurgical coal, or steel manufacturing business have been taken to the cleaners so far in 2014, and no two companies have fared worse than Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF 1.76%) and Walter Energy (WLTGQ). With both companies down more than 70% this year, there are lots of nervous investors wondering why these two have suffered more than anyone else and whether they can weather this down market. 

In today's episode of Where the Money Is, contributor Tyler Crowe and Motley Fool analyst Taylor Muckerman take a look at the state of the iron and steel market today and then dive deeper into why Walter and Cliff are taking it on the chin more than just about everyone in the market. Find out why both Taylor and Tyler are still optimistic about the future of one of these companies by tuning into the video below.