Image source: Flickr/Whit Andrews.

The traditional selling season in real estate is the spring, but that doesn't mean there aren't projects you can do this November to boost the value of your house. From improving curb appeal to tackling a big project in the cool fall weather, here are five projects you should consider this month.

1. Prep your yard for next spring
As the leaves change color and your existing landscaping goes dormant for the winter months, November is a perfect time of year to get out and prep your yard for next spring.

Get out those clippers and start pruning. Now's the time to remove dead limbs and branches. Doing so will free up your landscaping to really flourish when winter changes to spring. 

Don't forget to rake those falling leaves and, if possible, aerate your lawn. Removing thick leaf coverage is important to managing the overall health of your lawn, both above and below ground.

2. Check your windows
Doing work to your windows in the fall makes a ton of sense because of the comfortable, cool air outside. Working on your windows in the summer could turn your home into a temporary sauna, while the winter could likewise turn your house into an icebox. Without the pressures of the spring selling season, the fall really is a fantastic time to get to work.

On a small scale, the changing temperatures -- and normal wear and tear -- can cause window and door seals to shrink or break apart. Now is the time to give them a quick check and repair as necessary.

Going a step further, fix broken panes, make sure all your windows can open easily, and spot check to make sure your windows aren't leaking air. If you live in an older home without airtight windows, this November is a great time to finally upgrade to modern, energy efficient models.

3. Speaking of energy efficiency ...
Now is the time to check that your entire home is prepared for the coming winter cold. That means checking that the insulation is in good condition in your attic and you have a vapor barrier in good condition in your crawlspace.

It also means taking the time now to check your plumbing for cracks and potential leaky areas. It's better to find those problems and correct them now, instead of waking up to a burst pipe on a cold January morning.

4. Paint
Positioned in between the dripping humidity of the summer and the cold of the winter, fall presents a perfect time to get outside and paint the exterior of your home.

That could mean a major project that requires a professional paint crew, or it could just mean touching up your shutters and window frames.

A quick weekend painting project can do wonders to the curb appeal of your place, and that appeal will last through the winter into the spring selling season.

5. Install money-saving and energy-efficient technology
The transition from summer to winter is the perfect time to elevate the technology game in your home. This process doesn't have to be overly complex, though; it can be as simple as installing a programmable thermostat.

A modern programmable thermostat can adjust the temperature in your house to maximize your comfort and minimize your monthly energy bill. Some can be accessed with your smartphone for remote monitoring or tweaking, and some can even detect your presence in the home for a truly responsive experience.

Or, for the more ambitious, this November could be the month to finally install an alternative-energy solution in your home, like solar panels. A solar system could be a simple panel that powers your water heater, or it could be robust enough to power your entire home, geography and sun conditions permitting.

Saving on your monthly bills and helping the earth not enough cause for you? In many states, installing these eco-friendly technologies entitles you to some pretty generous tax breaks. With year end just around the corner, your accountant would appreciate such a proactive tax strategy.