With shares of GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) nearly tripling since hitting the market in 2014, and a subsequent near halving of the share price from highs since, it's clear investors have some concerns over the company's growth. Revenue growth of 46% year-over-year in the recent quarter wasn't enough to ease investors' worries as well. GoPro issued guidance on $47 million ahead of analyst estimates for the holiday quarter, shares have continued to trail off.

Investors looking for GoPro's next growth opportunity might find some positives in the company's strategy to support its brand expansion through different media channels.

The company just took a jump forward in January.

At International CES 2015, I talked with GoPro's PR coordinator Kelly Leggoe to understand what steps the company is taking to continue its growth trend.

A full transcript follows the video.


And then in terms of other things that we're announcing throughout the show — our LG partnership. We just announced on Monday that we're going to be having our fully [00:01:11] GoPro channel on LG Smart TVs — 2014 and 2015 LG TVs. If you are interested in watching up to 400 hours of GoPro footage, you're able to scroll through specific channels or just choose amazing content. You're going to get mesmerized.

That is just another example of how GoPro is not only a hardware company. As amazing as this product is, we're also expanding into being more of a media company. We have a partnership with Xbox One and Xbox 360. We have a channel on Virgin. And now we're expanding to be on LG. So, we're really excited about this partnership.


Looking at the actual media channel, as investors we'll be looking at how the brand affects the company as a whole. How does the media channel really build upon a brand even more?


One of the big and best parts, and most important parts, about our brand is our consumers — the consumers that are going out there, using our cameras, and creating this amazing content. This is just another way of giving back to our consumers and making sure that their footage that we have on our YouTube channel or throughout the channels is able to be seen by millions and millions of people.


I appreciate your time today, Kelly. Thank you.


Thanks again.