All eyes will be on the FCC in February as the commission is set to vote on net neutrality rules come the 26th. But in what form will the rules take shape? The answer is mostly unknown at this point and some background is required to fully grasp the issue.

Bare with me for some of the technical details, but the President has come out in support of Title II regulation that would classify ISP's as Common Carriers, much like that of a utility company. Proponents of Title II argue utility-like regulation would be disastrous for profits and reduce necessary investments in Internet infrastructure whereas supporters of an open Internet suggest it breeds innovation, keeps competition humming along, and levels the playing field.

In the following video from International CES 2015, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler discusses how net neutrality rules could play out, while highlighting how prior Title II regulation in the wireless industry led to record profits.

The full video interview can be found here. What is Title II and net neutrality?  A straight-forward overview can be found here.