How do you get the vast Chipotle (NYSE:CMG) legion of fans to take the plunge and forego meat in favor of the company's new vegetarian Sofritas filling? Well, offering a free burrito in return can't hurt.

And that is exactly what Chipotle did on January 26th by offering all patrons a free burrito voucher in return for the purchase of a Sofritas burrito.

But there is more to the story than this, especially for Foolish investors interested in Chipotle stock. The Fool has been a longtime investor and fan of Chipotle shares, but the jury is still out on two things currently: Will spicy tofu Sofritas be a game-changer that convinces meat-eaters to go vegetarian on occasion and what exactly does the menu expansion mean for investors following the company?

We recruited a specialized team of Motley Fool burrito analysts (i.e. those that enjoy free lunch) for a taste test to help answer these must-know questions.

Consumer Goods analysts Nathan Hamilton and Sean O'Reilly then discuss the takeaways of this informal survey for Chipotle investors. See what the team has to say about free burrito day in the video below.

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