To many it seems our lives in the future will be proliferated by robots of some sort. This may in fact happen sooner than we think, given the engineering advancements taking place currently.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL)(NASDAQ:GOOG) is getting in on the game as well with a slew of robotics acquisitions in recent years. Notably, the search giant purchased Boston Dynamics, a leading robotics engineering company that has billions of dollars worth of contracts with the Department of Defense. Many industry followers have questioned the search advertiser's moves, but the motives become clear upon seeing the potential for robotic exoskeletons to help soldiers and manufacturing employees lift heavy loads or to help wheelchair-bound people walk. 

I attended the Future of Robotics panel at International CES 2015 and got a sense of why the potential for robotics is so massive. Included in the speaking panel was Ekso Bionics, a company invalidating the statement many wheelchair-bound people have heard before of "You'll never walk again."

See the below video as Ekso Bionics CEO Nathan Harding demonstrates how the company is helping wheelchair-bound people reach new heights.