Fasten your seat belts, Fools. The three stocks I'm about to introduce to you could make huge moves in the week to come. 

That's because each of these stocks has a heavy short interest -- or lots of investors betting against their short-term success -- and each is reporting earnings in the coming week. When these two variables collide, volatility is almost always the outcome. In fact, the three companies I singled out last week moved an average of 7% following their respective earnings reports.

But don't take this as a sign that I encourage trying to time the market. Instead, I think that if you're an investor in Solar City (NASDAQ:SCTY.DL)Iconix (NASDAQ:ICON), or Tile Shop (NASDAQ:TTS), you need to check your emotions at the door, and take a look at the slideshow below, which will point out the real long-term metrics that you should be looking at when each company reports this week.

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