InvenSense (NYSE:INVN) recently hit a milestone having manufactured more than one billion sensors, a notable achievement for a $1.2 billion market cap company.

The company continues to innovate on its sensors that proliferate many devices we are familiar with from Apple, Samsung, and many other devices from mobile OEM's, in addition to other products from gaming to the Internet of connected tennis racquets, Yes, its sensors can even be found in Babolat tennis racquets.

At International CES 2015, Motley Fool Rule Breakers analyst Simon Erickson spoke with InvenSense CEO Behrooz Abdi to better understand the one thing Mr. Abdi believes investors should focus on. And it isn't solely based upon what products the company is releasing next week, next month, or even next quarter.

For a full video of the interview click here.



It sounds great. Our audience is individual investors [who are] really interested in innovation. Are there things in the industry, or with InvenSense, that you think that investors who are interested in this space should really be paying attention to?


I think if you're looking at a company like InvenSense, you have to look at the big megatrend — not look at just mobile or this socket or that socket in the OEM. Either you believe or don't believe that [the] Internet of Things is happening, number one. Number two, the Internet of Things is the Internet of Sensors, and InvenSense innovates in those areas [with] software algorithms and new sensors.

Obviously, as you've said, we've done 3-axis, 6-axis, 9-axis, [and] 7-axis. So, the number of axes and other sensors that we have not disclosed publicly are definitely in the works. Once you believe that we're really building a sensor technology company, end to end from the process technology all the way to the software and algorithm, hopefully you'll be just as excited as we are.