Hold on to your hats, Fools! The three stocks we're covering today are likely to make enormous moves this week on the stock market. That's because all three are heavily shorted and all three are reporting earnings.

When these two variables collide, volatility is almost always the result. If you want proof, look no further than the three stock's identified last week, which moved an average of 10% following their respective earnings releases.

Don't be mistaken, however, by why I'm providing this information. Trying to profit from timing short-term moves on the stock market is a sucker's bet. Instead, I'm writing this so that anyone who owns shares of Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS)Vera Bradley (NASDAQ:VRA), or Zoe's Kitchen (NYSE:ZOES) can prepare themselves for the week ahead. Instead of looking at headline numbers, here's where your focus should really be.

Photos: Barnes & Noble, Vera Bradley, and Zoe's Kitchen