Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) turned plenty of heads when it unveiled the new 12-inch MacBook at its Spring Forward event earlier this month. The notebook boasts a Retina display, a Force Touch trackpad, fanless design, and weighs about a pound lighter than its 13-inch MacBook Air cousin.

But not everyone was convinced of the MacBook's merits. 

Skeptics may have noticed the newer MacBook falls short of some specs from the 13-inch MacBook Air -- namely in battery life, processing power, and the lack of available ports. 

But despite some drawbacks, the MacBook fills in Apple's product line quite nicely. The company can market this device to consumers who want a high-resolution screen, fanless processing, and sleek design, while still offering more powerful computers from the rest of its MacBook lineup. To find out more of what Apple's up to, click through the slideshow below.

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