The cat's out of the bag ... this was part of our 2015 April Fool's Day joke. Fool on!

To the millions who make The Motley Fool the world's greatest investment community:

We have a thrilling announcement.

Since founding our company in 1994, we've preached two messages: First, Americans have too much credit card debt. Second, children need better financial education.

Today we're killing two birds with one stone.

Debt isn't a four-letter word

The best way for children to learn is to learn by doing.

That's why we're proud to now finally offer a credit card for children that provides the lowest interest rates on the market. We call it... The Kiddie Card!

The Kiddie Card is easy-to-use, lucrative, and teaches your child to learn early by helping them to spend early

After all, your child can't become a millionaire without first learning how to act like one.

Unlike traditional, boring credit cards, The Kiddie Card offers an interest rate of just 7% (plus your child's age). So, your 5-year-old can finance that new iPhone game she's had her eye on for just 12%. Plus there's no annual fee! (So long as your kid spends at least $1000 a year.)

But even if you don't have kids, or your kids have grown up, you can still use The Kiddie Card to boost your cash flow dramatically. (Click here to find out how.)

How did we pull this off?

We partnered with McCloskey Industries (OTC: LMcKI) to turn our money-making vision into a reality. CEO Larry McCloskey is a legendary entrepreneur, a pioneering businessman, and a wonderful, profitable partner. Simply put, he's the best.

A product whose time has come

We've all heard the sob stories about kids who take out their first high-interest credit card loan at the age of 18, only to blow it all on bubblegum, medical marijuana, meticulously pre-torn jeans, Uber joyrides, and glowsticks for Bonnaroo. No one wants a kid like that.

Or worse, the kids who don't have enough credit history. Unable to get a loan to buy those first precious shares of Apple, Starbucks, or, they'll never grow up to become rich. No one wants a kid like that, either.

Simply put, too many kids carry too much or too little debt. And who can blame them? They never had a Kiddie Card to teach them the importance of using savvy debt to build credit and support a comfortable lifestyle.

The Kiddie Card is our way of paying it forward to the next generation.

Next steps

The Kiddie Card earns you money. It offers unbelievable rewards. And it's not dumb and boring like regular plastic.

So let's band together to stick it to those jerks in the credit card industry.

After all, our children are our future. Together, we Fools can fix this debt mess and help America stay awesome.

To see all of The Kiddie Card's amazing features that will rapidly increase the value of your child, click here.

Email us at to tell us how you feel about this exciting product.

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