Is it possible that millionaire teachers are walking down your school's hallway?

Is it possible for a teacher to become a millionaire? "Sure," you might say, "if they stay on the job for 40 years and live a miserable existence." And given the rhetoric -- and reality -- surrounding teacher salaries, I wouldn't blame you for thinking as much.

But at least one husband and wife teaching team is proving the nay-sayers wrong. Ed Mills was a semi-professional basketball player following college. Once he hung up his sneakers, it was on to the classroom to teach Spanish.

But the path he, his wife, and their son have taken has been anything but normal. Their life has included lots of travel and variety. And yet, in just 16 short years, their net worth has gone from zero to just shy of $1 million. 

How did they do it? Check out the slideshow below to find out for yourself.