The stock market just finished another choppy and largely negative trading week. The three most popular market indexes all dropped a couple of percent.

But some tech stocks paid no mind to the negative market winds, and delivered strong gains instead.

Microcontroller designer Atmel (NASDAQ: ATML) soared on an opportunistic buyout bid from Dialog Semiconductor (DLGN.F) and Apple (AAPL 0.81%) iPhone supplier Cirrus Logic (CRUS -0.73%) raced 14% higher on Friday alone, thanks to fresh iPhone insights. Meanwhile, radio spectrum wrangler StraightPath (NYSEMKT: STRP) jumped 20% higher just because that's what volatile micro-caps do sometimes. Reasons? We don't need no stinkin' reasons!

Want to dig deeper into these market-beating tech stocks? Start with the following slideshow.

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