The market's reaction to Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) past two earnings releases have made it clear: Wall Street loves Google, and more specifically, the financial direction the company has taken under its new chief financial officer. Ruth Porat originally worked for Morgan Stanley, so she knows the ins, the outs, and the ways to appease the eyes of Wall Street.

The question is, how long can she keep it up?

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Sean O'Reilly: What were you saying about the new CFO making Wall Street happy with cost-cutting, or something? You don't hear that out of Silicon Valley a lot.

Dylan Lewis: This is something we talked about last time we did Google's earnings on the podcast. Last quarter, she went over Wall Street in her first appearance talking about how they were going to be a little bit more fiscally conservative, cut back on some capex, and tighten the reins a little bit. Wall Street responded really well to that. They popped last time when they reported earnings. I think it's more of the same there.

Like we said before, they have the Google side of the business now, and they're going to be breaking out in their future earnings releases, these other bets category. That's where we see the life sciences things, driverless cars, all of these incubation efforts, and things like that. That's another Wall Street friendly thing to do. We're seeing, in the short time that she's been here, they've become a company that is much more...

O'Reilly: Transparent.

Lewis: Yeah. Much more transparent and much more "speaking the same language" as investors.