At CES, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) dropped big news about its global expansion plans. The company had planned to be in about 190 countries by 2017, but something happened recently to change that and move the schedule forward.

In this video segment, Motley Fool analysts Dylan Lewis and Sean O'Reilly share just what that was, and what it means for the company.

A full transcript follows the video.


This podcast was recorded on Jan. 8, 2016.

Dylan Lewis: So, first half of the show, pretty lengthy discussion of wearables and CES. But, that was not the only topic that was getting a lot of headlines this week. If I remember correctly, there was some pretty serious news about Netflix that came out a couple days ago.

Sean O'Reilly: It was actually kind of a big deal. It was actually pretty impressive. I first got wind of this -- we've got two of our top-line analysts, Matthew Argersinger and ...

Lewis: David Kretzmann.

O'Reilly: Yes. David Kretzmann. I had a really good friend, I was like--

Lewis: I saw where your eyes were going.

O'Reilly: David, I'm sorry. I love you, man. And I watched the video and everything, and they just had witnessed Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings, give his keynote speech. And I was like, "Wow, they're really excited." You could just tell by their body language. And, despite the targets being late 2017 to be in just under 200 countries streaming for Netflix, they hit it already. They're in 190 countries.

Lewis: That's pretty close.

O'Reilly: There are 194 countries on planet Earth.

Lewis: Depending on ...

O'Reilly: Yeah, Taiwan and all that ... 190 -- billions of people could now theoretically get to Netflix.

Lewis: Wow. Are there any major markets in the account that are being omitted?

O'Reilly: ... China.

Lewis: Of course.

O'Reilly: 1.2 billion people cannot legally get Netflix in the People's Republic of China.

Lewis: Someday.