Last year saw PC growth drop to its lowest point since 2007. In this video segment, Motley Fool analysts Sean O'Reilly and Dylan Lewis look over the top five PC companies and how they did last year, and which is the sole manufacturer that showed growth year over year.

A full transcript follows the video.


This podcast was recorded on Jan. 15, 2016.

Sean O'Reilly: So, switching over to the PC market. What's going on?

Dylan Lewis: PC sales have fallen to levels not seen since 2007, incidentally, the year the iPhone was introduced.

O'Reilly: Coincidence, Dylan?

Lewis: According to International Data Corp. So, grand total was 276 million shipments in 2015, versus 308 million shipments in 2014. We can look, specifically, at some of the shipment leaders here to give you an idea of what the market looks like: Lenovo in first place, roughly 57 million shipments in 2015; HP (NYSE:HPQ) in second with just under 54 million; Dell in third with 40 million; Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) coming in fourth at 21 million; and Acer bringing up the bottom of the top five with 20 million shipments. So I think those shipment volume numbers are great to give you a sense of market share. But I think the 2015-2014 growth is where one of the more interesting stories plays out. Out of those five, Sean, how many of them do you think experienced year-over-year growth?

O'Reilly: One.

Lewis: Yeah.

O'Reilly: Oh! I didn't look, I swear!

Lewis: Did you cheat?

O'Reilly: No!

Lewis: You know who it is, right?

O'Reilly: Is it Acer?

Lewis: No.

O'Reilly: Is it Apple?

Lewis: Yeah. All of the other ones experienced declines.

O'Reilly: I went with my gut. Cool. Yeah, Lenovo's down, HP's down, Dell's down, and Acer. Cool, all right.