There's certainly no shortage of companies reporting earnings next week, but there are a few that investors should keep an eye on. Toymaker Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT) will report its fourth quarter results on Monday, and after a terrible holiday season in 2014, the company needs to show improvement.

On Tuesday, Chipotle (NYSE:CMG) will report its fourth quarter results, and the numbers are unlikely to be pretty. The company has already guided for a double-digit drop in comparable sales for the quarter, driven by the recent E. coli and norovirus incidents, and guidance will be closely watched. GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) will report on Wednesday, and with the company's preliminary results calling for a substantial revenue decline, investors will be looking for an updated strategy from management.

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Mattel has been struggling with depressed demand for its core brands, and the stock has suffered as a result. A turnaround plan involving cost cuts and reducing the bureaucracy that has plagued the company in recent years is making progress, but Mattel still has a long way to go. The slumping stock price, and the potential for a turnaround, makes Mattel a good choice for high-risk investors.

After years of posting spectacular growth, an E. coli scare has decimated Chipotle sales, as well as its stock price. Can the company recover? Or will customers permanently eschew Chipotle? Here's a video that tries to answer that question.

GoPro's incredible rise, and equally incredible fall, has demonstrated the potential rewards and risks of investing in a company with a strong, widely known brand -- but no other discernible competitive advantages. Here's why one Fool contributor is giving up on GoPro stock.