Image source: Facebook.

What happened?
Social network Facebook (META 0.51%) has now launched Canvas, a new platform for advertisers to deliver immersive ad experiences within Facebook. Ads can utilize a combination of videos, images, and actionable buttons to engage users. Users can swipe through a carousel of images or view panoramic photos by tilting their devices. Canvas was very much designed for mobile experiences, and offers fast loading times.

Does it matter?
Canvas is similar to what Facebook is trying to accomplish with Instant Articles, except with ads instead of the article content. By delivering lightweight and engaging ad experiences, Facebook can deliver greater value to advertising customers alongside publishers and content providers.

Facebook has made Canvas extremely easy for advertisers to use as well, creating intuitive tools that don't require code. Advertisers can get started very quickly, dragging and dropping their content into the ad design. The cost is also the same as traditional News Feed ads.

The news comes shortly after Alphabet (GOOG 0.13%) (GOOGL 0.04%) launched Accelerated Mobile Pages that compete with Instant Articles, as both advertising heavyweights continue to focus improving mobile experiences.