Don't let this be you this week. Read below for help on that. Photo: Dmitry Kalinin, via Flickr.

Do you own shares of action-camera technology specialist Ambarella (AMBA -3.27%), 3D printing manufacturer 3D Systems (DDD -5.61%), or up-and-coming burger joint The Habit (HABT)? If so, prepare yourselves for a wild week ahead.

Ideally, investors wouldn't worry about the movements of their stocks in any given week or month. But we know you're human, and that you might have a tough time stomaching such large moves. That's why we're writing this -- to help prepare you.

The reason why these stocks are likely to make such big moves is because they are all reporting quarterly earnings, and they are all heavily shorted. That's a recipe for volatility. If you don't believe me, check out the three stocks I highlighted in February, which moved an average of 15% following their respective releases. 

Read below to find out what's really worth paying attention to, and what's just noise.

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Photo: 3D Systems, The Habit Restaurants, Ambarella.