A 10-dollar bill isn't chump change. It can buy you a share in many stocks that just happen to be trading in the single digits. Most of the stocks trading below $10 are there for a reason. They're either broken or forgotten. I should know. I've been panning for gold in these waters for more than 15 years, and many of the low-priced stocks that I have singled out eventually fizzled out.

However, it doesn't always turn out that way. Many of the market's biggest winners start off in the shadows, and those runs often start in the single digits. 

I haven't offered up a list of low-priced stocks worth considering for purchase since January. Let's try it again. Let's go over a few interesting companies with stocks that just happen to be trading below the $10 mark. They're risky, of course, but the payoff could be substantial if things pan out.

TrueCar (NASDAQ:TRUE) -- $6.28
Buying a car can be a frustrating experience, but TrueCar works together with certified dealers to connect potential buyers with showrooms that have cars to sell at guaranteed low prices. TrueCar shook things up last month, tweaking its model in an effort to woo car dealers that felt alienated as TrueCar's model didn't seem seller-friendly enough.

TrueCar's stock soared 18% higher last week, but that hasn't been the norm. TrueCar's stock has plummeted 75% since peaking two years ago.  

Things aren't perfect. TrueCar's profits have turned to losses through the past three quarters. Revenue growth has slowed with analysts targeting just 7% growth this year and next year. The opportunity here rests with the last month's tweaked model. It's substantial. It could be a game changer. 

Mitel Networks (NASDAQ: MITL) -- $7.12
Shares of Mitel took a hit on Friday after announcing a deal to acquire Polycom (NASDAQ: PLCM). Canada-based Mitel isn't paying much of a premium for Polycom. The deal was orchestrated by an activist investor with significant stakes in the two companies, and he decided to play matchmaker. 

The proposed pairing could come under fire. It will test the new rules crafted in the U.S. to prevent "inversion" deals, since Mitel buying Polycom would seem to bring Polycom under the rule of a Canadian company where corporate tax rates are much lower.

It's a smart deal. Mitel expects it to be accretive by next year, and it was already compellingly priced before the combination. Mitel is fetching less than 10 times this year's projected earnings and less than 7 times next year's forecast. The market didn't like this deal, so even if it falls through Mitel's low valuation should pull it through the volatility.  

Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) -- $3.90
The only game in town when it comes to satellite radio has seen its stock rise 7% since it was singled out in January's edition of stocks under $10. The media platform is holding up just fine. 

Sirius XM announced earlier this month that it now has 30.1 million subscribers, tacking on 465,000 net additions during the first three months of 2016. It has rattled off 20 consecutive quarters of profitability, and it's been able to keep its subscriber count growing despite charging rates that have been steadily inching higher. It's a good place to be for a unique platform in the realm of content distribution.