Even the top names in commerce can devise products that are, to be charitable, interesting. In this segment from the Motley Fool Money radio show, Chris Hill, Jason Moser, Ron Gross, and Matt Argersinger try to work out why, for the love of all things good, Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM) is launching an edible nail polish line in China.

You read that right: edible nail polish.

They also talk about a few tiny little bumps in the road ahead that the company might encounter with it. And how you absolutely, positively, shouldn't go near pets while wearing it.

A transcript follows the video.

This podcast was recorded on May 6, 2016.

Chris Hill: After years of poultry supply problems in China, KFC is starting to turn things around. Sales in China rose 12% in the first quarter of this year, and now the company has unveiled a new offering -- KFC nail polish. Working with the good people at McCormick (NYSE:MKC), the spice company that provides KFC's secret mix of 11 herbs and spices, the nail polish comes in two flavors, original and hot and spicy. And I say flavors because it's edible nail polish. This might be the worst idea in the history of everything.

Jason Moser: (laughs) What, no extra crispy?

Ron Gross: I'm stunned. I would understand a scratch and sniff thing, like a cherry-scented -- are you supposed to actually start sucking on your fingers and eat it?

Hill: You can. Let me just play devil's advocate. If you're the producers of this nail polish, don't you want people to run out of nail polish as quickly as possible? Instead of waiting for people to chip their nails, no, just wear it, and at the end of the day, lick it off! They'll fly off the shelves.

Gross: This is the end of western civilization.

Moser: I mean, as the father of daughters, there's more nail polish in my house than Nike has sneakers. I don't know that this would be any different from any of the other stuff they have in there. It seems like it lasts about a day, anyway. But I really think this is interesting from the McCormick perspective. Right? Are we talking about a new potential revenue stream here? I mean now --

Gross: Can you get a side of fries on your toenails?

Moser: (laughs) McCormick has found a way from your kitchen into your bathroom.

Matt Argersinger: I just thought of this. The reason I kind of like it -- even though I'm a little speechless here, at just the thought of it -- the whole nail polish removal chemical scent that invades my apartment, and I'm sure, your guys' houses at least one or twice a month --

Moser: Absolutely.

Gross: Mm-hmm.

Argersinger: That kind of goes out the door, right? Because, essentially, my wife --

Moser: Yeah, you're not trying to pull the stuff off, it just disappears after you're done licking it.

Hill: You know, I'm sure there are some upsides. Although, I was bouncing this idea off our colleague, Melissa Malinowski, who heads up our Office Ops here at The Motley Fool, and she was immediately horrified by the idea, and brought up something I had not thought of, which is animals. If you have a dog or a cat, and you're feeding them, what does this do for them?

Gross: That's horrible.

Hill: Particularly if we're talking about the hot and spicy.

Gross: If this does catch on, what's coming next? Pepperoni pizza?

Moser: Do I need to state the obvious timing here? With Mother's Day just a couple --

Argersinger: (laughs) There it is.

Moser: -- ticks of the clock away here ...

Hill: If any listeners want to test this out for us, drop us an email. Radio@Fool.com. Let us know how it worked out.