The cat's out of the bag. Happy April Fool's!

We’ve been flattered, humbled, and overwhelmed by the response of our Motley Fool community today! You have really banded together to support us in our latest efforts to take The Motley Fool from good to great, from “too small to care” to “too big to fail.”

Our latest endeavor, Long-Term Mortgage Management, really is picking up where the government has left off. The entire housing market is going to thank us for purchasing $1 trillion worth of mortgage-backed securities. (Click here if you need a refresher on our plans.)

Now, we’ve certainly had a few bits of negative feedback (note to jazzhands342: “suks” is actually spelled “sucks”), but for the most part the Motley Fool community shares our vision.

Here are just a few of your emails voicing your support for our new firm:

“Thank you, Motley Fool. What a great idea helping the government stabilize home prices. America -- Fool Yeah!”
-- Jimbuff238

“At first I didn't know if your plan would work, but I just received an email from Zillow that says my house's value has gone up 0.1%!!!! You go, Fools!”
-- house$peculator2006forever

-- portteach

“I'm marking down April 1, 2010 as the day I became a Fool for life!”
-- Fool4LifeWasAlreadyTaken

“Their going to all say your fools...but your Fools!!!!”
-- rulzzzzz

“I am one of those people who threatened to move to Canada a few years ago. Except I actually did it. This news has me reconsidering ... I'm booking a flight back right now.”
-- vancougar45

“I was in fiveclosure (it’s like a foreclosure but worse) before you guys took action. Well, my house is still fiveclosed, but I’m happy that at least someone is making money on this crisis.”
-- wolvtrue

We want to hear your thoughts about Long-Term Mortgage Management. You can send us an email here. We appreciate your thoughtful comments.