With its unique designs and innovative technologies, it's not surprising that DaimlerChrysler (NYSE:DCX) continues to produce hot-selling vehicles. Unlike its bigger domestic rivals, General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Ford (NYSE:F), DaimlerChrysler generated a strong increase in sales for February.

For the month, total vehicle sales increased by 8% over last February to 185,643. The gain marks the 11th consecutive month of year-over-year increases for the company. With its new designs continuing to generate strong sales, there appear to be no signs of a slowdown anytime soon.

Its Chrysler brand was once again led by the vastly popular 300 model, which pushed sales higher by 36%. The PT Cruiser also continues to perform well; its sales grew 10% over last year. The group's trademarked Stow 'n Go feature is a huge draw for the company's minivans, which increased sales by 10%.

Chrysler's Dodge brands were not as popular but did manage a 2% gain compared with last year. The Durango continues to charge out front; its sales gained 32%.

The Jeep brand was the laggard, reporting a sales decline of 8% for the month. However, the all-new Grand Cherokee should help get things back on track. The SUV increased sales by 22% over January.

Chrysler continues to draw customers to its showrooms with its plethora of creative and unique designs. It may be difficult for the company to keep up its current pace (it's coming up against some tough comparisons), but even occasional dips shouldn't last too long. My one concern is that its designs may be considered trendy and will become unpopular as quickly as they gained popularity. But there is no evidence of that happening yet, and I applaud Chrysler for taking some chances with its imaginative designs. As long as it can continue designing vehicles that attract customers, there's no reason to expect Chrysler to stop cruising ahead.

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