Nathan, you're absolutely right. The analysts are overly optimistic with their projection of 30% growth for Blue Nile (NASDAQ:NILE). A company's long-term growth rate rarely exceeds its Return on Equity (ROE). With $82.44 million in book-value equity and trailing-12-month income totaling $8.91 million, Blue Nile's ROE clocks in at 10.8%. For contrast, giant conglomerate General Electric's (NYSE:GE) similarly calculated ROE shows up at 16.1%. With a lower P/E, stronger ROE, and a 2.5% dividend yield to compensate for the risk of investment, is there any wonder why I'm not selling my GE stock to take a flier on some pretty stones?

As for Blue Nile's cash hoard, as I pointed out dueling over Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), too much cash in the hands of untrustworthy management becomes both a dangerous and an expensive asset to hold. Why exactly does Blue Nile need six months' worth of revenues held as cash? Are its operations on that shaky a foundation? Is it looking to di-worse-ify itself by making a series of "empire-building" acquisitions? Show me either intelligent deployment of that cash or a dividend to return it to shareholders, and I'll start viewing it as an asset.

A negative cash conversion cycle is wonderful to have in a deflationary environment, where the cost of products keeps dropping. In case you haven't noticed from the recent CPI numbers or the record profits rolling into oil giants like ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM), commodity-driven inflation is on the rise. In an inflationary environment, managing your own inventory is often cheaper than letting suppliers manage -- and reprice -- goods you're trying to sell.

Bottom line: Don't be fooled by a shiny rock, or you'll end up paying diamond prices for cubic zirconium shares.

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