It's been a rough year for Taser (NASDAQ:TASRE). About the only thing that it has gained is an extra letter in its ticker symbol -- and tacking on the E is no joyous matter. That's why Wednesday morning's news that a court in Texas dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit against the stun gun maker should provide shareholders with a rare moment of exhalation.

It is the eighth wrongful death or injury lawsuit against Taser that has been dropped over the last 18 months. This certainly won't free the company from potential litigation in the future -- the seven other dismissals didn't do that -- but it is helping investors breathe easier. The stock was trading 11% higher halfway through trading Wednesday.

With Taser, the battle has always seemed to be against public opinion. More press has been given to the fact that folks have been jolted by Taser's weaponry than the circumstances that led to the Tasers being discharged in the first place.

Taser is trying to change that. Just last week, it issued a pair of press releases touting the effectiveness of its namesake stun gun. One press release discussed how Taser-armed officers were able to break up a child hostage situation. The other release detailed how Tasers helped in a standoff with a suicidal man bent on slitting his wrists.

This comes after the company went afterGannett (NYSE:GCI) over the summer for running a story that vastly overstated the debilitating power of a Taser X26 stun gun. Journalistic mistakes happen. We're all human. However, Taser saw this as the culmination of a media bias that was working against it.

The negative press certainly wasn't working for Taser, and it wasn't helping out fledgling penny stock rivals like LamperdLess Lethal and Stinger. Is the tide finally turning for Taser? Maybe. On the heels of the case being dismissed, Merriman Curhan Ford initiated coverage of Taser with a buy rating.

A shift of momentum would certainly be welcome to Rule Breakers subscribers. Out of the 30 stocks that have been recommended in the growth stock newsletter's first 15 issues, it remains the biggest underperformer. Thankfully, most of the other picks have done substantially better. The average pick is up 21% -- far better than Taser's painful 75% slide, as well as the 7% gain in the S&P 500.

Later Wednesday, the 16th issue will be released. Two new picks will join the Rule Breaker family. No, they aren't likely to be Lamperd or Stinger. Then again, preventing crime can certainly be seen as a growth industry. The Rule Breakers Universe, a list of more than 200 stocks with ultimate growth stock potential that is available to subscribers, has a few nominations in that field like Ionatron (NASDAQ:IOTN), with its laser-guided energy weapons, and Metal Storm (NASDAQ:MTSX), with its electric-powered ability to fire stackable bullets.

So keep your eye on tomorrow. Intriguing technological applications are everywhere. And Taser? Keep the good news coming. That would be one sure way to stun the bears.

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Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz lives in Miami, Florida -- a Taser town. He does not own shares in any of the companies mentioned in this story. T he Fool has a disclosure policy. He is also part of the Rule Breakers newsletter research team, seeking out tomorrow's ultimate growth stocks a day early.