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Brian Richards

Brian Richards


Now: I work on global strategy for The Motley Fool with a focus on Canada, Europe, and South America. Former: Managing Editor of The longer version:

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Central District of Hong Kong -- financial Hang Seng Index

4 Troubling Things About the State of Investing in Hong Kong

The Hang Seng has been a long-term winner. Are Hong Kong investors benefiting?


Bitcoin: Don't Say You Weren't Warned

Leading financial figures across the world have issued a series of sober warnings about Bitcoin.

Hayford Peirce 2017

The Remarkable True Story of a “Dividend Millionaire”

Lessons from Hayford Peirce’s 30-year portfolio plan.

Japan Cherry Blossoms

14 Fascinating Facts About Japanese Stocks -- From 1989

Things were so different back when Tokyo ruled the financial world. (Except for the ways that they're eerily familiar.)


Why We Were Wrong About Stock Splits

And why that kind of matters.

pic of cover

This 1979 Magazine Article Basically Predicted the Internet Revolution and the Modern White-Collar Workplace

Looking back at long-ago predictions has me marveling at how far we’ve come.

Investing Enemies Worth Fighting

Regulation and technology have allowed us to trade stocks for a couple bucks while sitting in a coffee shop. Here's why that's good … and bad.

41 Things I've Learned in the Past 10 Years

Reflections on what I've learned since starting work at The Motley Fool on Jan. 31, 2005.

Did You See That Story About the Impending Market Crash?

The headlines are as interesting as they are exhausting. Why investors must maintain some perspective when reading financial media's favorite story.

How to Make Money in Penny Stocks

Not you, but scammers can. Here's their playbook.

The Simple Genius Behind My Favorite Investing Quotation of 2013

One of the best investors around doesn't read investing books. He prefers to read books about business. Here's why that makes sense.

Why Great CEOs Ignore Their Company's Stock Price

A look at why there's so much short-term thinking in publicly listed companies.

pennies getty

The Desperate, Deceptive Measures Penny Stock Scammers Use to Dupe Investors

From bribing bloggers to faking celebrity tweets, here's how they get naive, greedy, or unwitting investors to buy the hype.

Remembering Roger Ebert

The Pulitzer prize-winning film critic passed away last week. He'll be missed.

How to Change Capitalism's Declining Reputation

Whole Foods Market's John Mackey explains how to change the paradigm of American capitalism.

Whole Foods Co-Founder John Mackey's Career Advice to Entrepreneurs

The organic grocery king's simple advice: "Follow your heart."

Why Shareholders Are the Easiest Stakeholder to Keep Happy

Whole Foods’ John Mackey talks Conscious Capitalism.

The Story of T. Rowe Price’s Longtime Investment in Whole Foods Market

Here’s how the asset manager has been a model shareholder.

How Whole Foods Transformed Its Relationship With United Natural Foods

John Mackey on how his company redefined its dealings with UNFI, one of its major suppliers.

How Wall Street Is Like a "Cancer"

John Mackey on why the financial sector will be the last domino to fall en route to a more conscious form of capitalism.

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