The engineers at iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT) are working on the wrong machines. Yes, they've got much-hyped remote-control trucks that can grab bombs. And they've also got nifty little vacuum cleaners that work while you're away.

But what they really need is a time machine. See, they need to head out to the future to find out if their company will ever be cash-flow profitable, and more importantly, if it will be profitable enough to make the current valuation worthwhile.

To judge by today's guidance (for a next-year pre-tax net profit of $2 million-$4 million!), the answer seems to be "nope." That is, unless you think paying 130 times next year's median profit estimate is a good idea.

There's an awful lot of hype about iRobot as a company leading us into the brave new world. Sounds way too much like what I heard about dozens of nosebleed-valued companies back in 2000.

Investing isn't just about ideas. It's about ideas that will pay out for shareholders.

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