Investors were giddy over Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) on Friday. What do the company's better-than-expected earnings mean for the future of Google and the future of Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO)? Some tech stocks have tumbled recently; should value-hungry investors take a second look at stocks like Juniper (Nasdaq: JNPR), ValueClick (Nasdaq: VCLK), and Nokia (Nasdaq: NOK)? The XM (Nasdaq: XMSR)/Sirius (Nasdaq: SIRI) merger is still pending, and shares of Sirius have been slipping. Is there some serious misunderstanding about the real value of Sirius? In this installment of "Fool Video," Online Managing Editor LouAnn DiCosmo talks about some stories on the Fool radar.

Lou owns shares of Sirius and Yahoo. Mac does not own any shares of the stocks discussed. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.