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Enough top-performing CAPS investors are striking a newly bearish tone on oil refiner Valero Energy (NYSE:VLO) to take it down a notch from its long-held five-star rank to a less-than-stellar four stars. With 3,791 investors giving an opinion on Valero, there's plenty of analysis and commentary explaining the recent decline in sentiment.

Consumers aren’t the only ones getting pinched at the pump; shares of Valero and peers such as Tesoro (NYSE:TSO) and Frontier Oil (NYSE:FTO) have all been feeling the pain of higher oil prices as well. Shares in each have declined more than 35% so far this year, and some analysts are still floating scary projections of $200 oil.

While many consumers falsely believe everyone connected to "Big Oil" must be profiting immensely from gasoline north of $4 a gallon, margins are actually being hit hard for many in the value chain, driving profits down. The competitive environment and grim outlook in the retail fuel market among Valero, Chevron (NYSE:CVX), and BP (NYSE:BP) even led ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM) to announce its planned withdrawal from this end of the supply chain.

While many pundits expect the economy to get much worse, some investors remain steadfast that Valero's earnings multiple of less than 7 means it is a solid play, even given the near-term pain of record oil prices. However, even with the drop in sentiment in CAPS, nearly 96% of the investors rating Valero expect it to outperform the market going forward.

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