Finding new stock ideas is challenging for all investors, but it's particularly difficult for new investors who may have a limited understanding of key financial metrics and accounting.

Sure, stock screens are great, but they're only as good as their users' input. If, for example, you don't know what "return on equity" or "price to book" means, a screener is of little use.

It's about to get easier
With that thought in mind, we at the Fool combined the investing knowledge of our top analysts and data from our Motley Fool CAPS screener to come up with four preset model screens -- Value, Dividend, Small Cap, and High Growth.

For our High Growth screen, we asked Motley Fool Rule Breakers analyst Karl Thiel what he looks for in promising growth stocks. Among other things, he focuses on stocks with strong earnings and revenue growth, limited institutional ownership, and four- and five-star CAPS ratings.

That last point is particularly important, because we've found that these highly rated stocks have outperformed the market as a group by 12 and 7 points, respectively, from November 2006 to July 2008.

And now, for the stocks
Using the preset High Growth CAPS screen, here are five growth stocks you should know about:


CAPS Rating (Out of 5)


Suntech Power (NYSE:STP)






Bolt Technology (NASDAQ:BOLT)



China Medical Technologies (NASDAQ:CMED)



Siliconware Precision Industries (NASDAQ:SPIL)



Source: Motley Fool CAPS, as of Aug. 18, 2008.

Will any of these be the next ultimate growth stock? Only time will tell, of course, but in the meantime, we invite you to learn more about these promising growth companies on Motley Fool CAPS. You can get started by heading to CAPS -- it's 100% free.

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