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Enough top-performing CAPS members have turned bullish on Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) recently to upgrade it from its long held four-star ranking to a more formidable five stars. A total of 1,575 members have given their opinion on Adobe, with many of them offering analysis and commentary explaining the recent optimism.

Adobe's Flash platform delivers 80% of the Web video worldwide and is spreading to alternative platforms like netbooks, set-top boxes, and smartphones, with the backing of top chip designers such as Sigma Designs (NASDAQ:SIGM), Broadcom, and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). Adobe expects to have a full Flash version on numerous smartphone operating systems like Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android, Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Mobile, Nokia's (NYSE:NOK) Symbian, and Palm's (NASDAQ:PALM) WebOS by next year. It has already shipped its Flash Lite player in almost 1 billion smartphones and expects to ship another 1.5 billion in the next two years.

But Adobe's success goes far beyond Flash: There's much more to like with the company's dominant market share in its other software and portable document applications. Shares have taken a hit recently after some analysts gave pessimistic views, anticipating cutbacks in corporate spending, but many CAPS members see a long-term winner that sits on $2 billion in cash, maintains reasonable levels of debt, and commands solid earnings power. And as the stock has dropped, more bulls have come on board.

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