If you're looking for the perfect crime, just walk right up to me and ask me about the stocks I like. I'm never dry on stock ideas, nor on my enthusiasm for talking about them.

Some investors are surprisingly tight-lipped when it comes to discussing equities. Not me. I'm not Colonel Sanders with a secret fried chicken recipe, or a wildcatter trying to keep a new oil discovery on the down-low. Stick with me and I'll share a few stock ideas. Right here, right now.

Three ideas, just for you
I've been with the Motley Fool Rule Breakers analyst team since its inception nearly five years ago, and I've contributed 16 of the growth-stock newsletter's recommendations.

I can't tell you about all of them today. That wouldn't be fair to the service's growing base of members. However, I definitely want to tell you about a few of them. What do they do? How did I find them? Why should you pay attention?

Here's how I selected three of the stocks I've recommended for Rule Breakers.

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) -- current price: $220
I singled out Baidu nearly three years ago, when it was still trading in the double digits. As China's leading search engine -- by a huge margin -- it was a surprisingly easy recommendation to make. Sure, China has its political risks, and Web usage remained in its infancy in the country at the time. However, everything seemed to add up:

  • China is the world's most populous nation.
  • Internet migration was picking up steam, with plenty of upside, since just 10% of the country was online at the time.
  • Paid search is the juiciest part of the Internet, with advertisers paying well for targeted leads.

Baidu also possessed many of the things growth-stock investors like to see in their investments, including healthy top- and bottom-line gains and widening profit margins.

I recommended IMAX four years ago when it was in the single digits. Sadly, it's still trading there -- but I still like it. The company behind eye-popping huge-screen movie experiences is as relevant as ever right now. Movie studios like Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) and DreamWorks Animation (NYSE:DWA) are turning to IMAX to juice their box-office receipts with enhanced versions of their theatrical releases. Multiplex operators are also warming up to IMAX, which gives them a way to charge a premium for cinematic excursions that just can't be duplicated at home.

After several quarters of red ink, Wall Street sees IMAX turning a respectable profit this year. The pros then see substantial earnings growth come 2010. Between a wider range of studios going the IMAX route, and the growing number of exhibitors teaming up to transform some of their stale screens into IMAX systems, the company's future is as big as its stock price is small.

Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG) -- $84.85, (NYSE:CMG-B) -- $69.40
My career with The Motley Fool began in 1995 as the food and restaurant industry analyst, and I follow that sector to this day. Finding an eatery chain that lives up to the growth characteristics that Rule Breakers subscribers expect isn't easy, but I finally discovered the perfect fit in this fast-growing burrito chain.

Chipotle's quick-service convenience and "food with integrity" sourcing approach have made it a hit, with plenty of expansion room to grow into over the next several years. It may seem as if only the "dollar menu" burger joints -- like original Chipotle parent McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) -- are thriving these days, but Chipotle has actually delivered consistent quarterly sales growth at the unit level. The company's fortunes may have slowed along with the economy, but comps continue to inch higher. In a world of cookie-cutter burrito shops, Chipotle rolls ahead of everybody.

Steal even more of my stocks
The thievery doesn't have to end here. I perpetually scour the investing universe for consumer-facing growth stocks, and I’m joined by a team of analysts doing the same thing in different specialty areas.

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter service has been around for nearly five years with a stock-picking strategy that David Gardner perfected in the 1990s, so we have already tasted both feast and famine in these volatile markets that are ripe for disruptive growth stocks.

Whether you join me and my fellow analysts to take advantage of subscription discounts, or decide to go for a free 30-day trial to explore all that the service has to offer, you're just getting started. I hope you enjoyed the three stock samples, but now it's time to throw away the toothpicks and go for bigger meals.

Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz realizes you can't steal what he willfully gave away. He does not own shares in any of the stocks in this story, save for DreamWorks Animation. Baidu, Chipotle, and IMAX are Motley Fool Rule Breakers recommendations. Chipotle is a Hidden Gems pick. DreamWorks Animation is a Stock Advisor selection. The Fool has a disclosure policy.