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After spending most of the past year at nothing better than a four-star rank, enough top-performing CAPS members have turned bullish on China-based A-Power Energy Generation Systems (NASDAQ:APWR) recently to upgrade it to the highest rating possible – five stars. A total of 660 members have given their opinions on the renewable energy company, with many of them offering analysis and commentary explaining the recent optimism.

China is on the verge of overtaking the U.S. as the largest energy consumer, and many CAPS members expect A-Power to play a role in the rapid growth as the country adds a massive amount of electricity-generating capacity. While U.S. growth in wind energy could be a boost for companies such as Zoltek (NASDAQ:ZOLT) and Xcel Energy (NYSE:XEL), China has big wind plans of its own that could benefit A-Power. The young company has begun securing customers for its wind turbines and expects its joint venture with General Electric's (NYSE:GE) GE Drivetrain Technologies to begin trial production by the second half of next year.

Investors got revved up recently over a $90.5 million contract for a wind farm in Mongolia, and the company plans to begin work next year on a $1.5 billion offshore liquefied natural gas project for Macau Natural Gas. And like Chinese solar players such as LDK Solar (NYSE:LDK), Suntech Power (NYSE:STP), and ReneSola (NYSE:SOL), A-Power looks to capitalize on China's solar subsidies. The company recently agreed to buy Japan thin-film solar company Evatech, which is expected to start adding revenue by late next year.

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