Some stocks are one-hit wonders that make a big splash when they first appear and then quickly fizzle. But for other stocks, that initial big move is only a preview for even bigger and better gains to come.

Today, we've compiled 10 stocks that made some of the biggest upward moves over the past month. We'll then pair that list with the ratings from our Motley Fool CAPS community. The higher each stock's rating, the greater CAPS members' faith in that company's ability to keep on beating the market.


30-Day % Change

CAPS Rating (out of 5)




A-Power Energy Generation Systems



Century Aluminum (NASDAQ:CENX)






China Marine Foods (NASDAQ:CMFO)



Advanced Micro Devices



US Airways (NYSE:LCC)



NutriSystem (NASDAQ:NTRI)






LDK Solar



As the markets whipsaw with changes in consumer sentiment, there will be weeks like this one, where we see gains exceptionally ahead of the pace of the movers and shakers of past weeks. So before we get shaken out again, let's see why the CAPS community thinks some of these companies might continue to outperform the market.

A mighty temblor
Is the airline industry taking flight? US Airways was looking especially good last month, as it posted positive business-revenue growth for the first time this year. And the airline says this is just the beginning of the demand recovery.

Not so fast, says the International Air Transport Association. The industry trade group sees higher fuel costs and depressed ticket prices leading to wider losses in the industry next year. Investors seem to agree that the airlines still face turbulence: Only 56.8% of CAPS members rating US Airways believe it will outperform the market.

CAPS member uclayoda87 wrote just last week that broader negative economic conditions will hamper any hopes for recovery:

The airlines have done well recently. I suspect that it is due to multiple factors like lower fuel costs, better pricing power with fewer flights and the perceived demand of holiday travel. What I also believe is that the economy and persistently high unemployment will eventually drag down the airlines due to falling demand for air travel. The only hope for the airlines is a government bailout, such as flight vouchers, where the government pays for the flights of unemployed people to look for a job in another city.

Still feeling the aftershocks
Becoming profitable by reducing expenses is a common refrain among businesses these days, and Century Aluminum is singing right along. Through a series of cost-cutting measures -- and a boost from a one-time $55.6 million after-tax gain resulting from a contract termination -- the aluminum producer reported quarterly profits of $40.1 million.

If all the world's stimulus spending will spur demand, some of our CAPS members say commodities will make a rebound on the back of the construction industry.

Here's what JRedhawk11 thinks: "As the global construction markets come back online (especially in the emerging market countries) demand for aluminum will follow [suit]. Aluminum is also finding its way into construction and manufacturing projects in increasing amounts and that will also help boost the financial strength of this commodity."

You can dig deep on CAPS. Go to the Century Aluminum CAPS page and tell us whether this is a stock from which we can start mining some profits.

Shake, rattle, and roll
With these stocks shaking the market this past month, it pays to start your own research on them at Motley Fool CAPS. Read a company's financial reports, scrutinize key data and charts, and examine the comments your fellow investors have made -- all from a stock's CAPS page.

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