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A tall drink of water
An oft-cited statistic when it comes to the potential of the security and surveillance market in China is that the industry trade association anticipates it will grow to about $43 billion this year. As the government mandates installation of security systems nationwide through programs like the Safe City Initiative (covering 666 cities across the country), China Security & Surveillance Technology is looking to grab a large piece of the pie.

Its third-quarter revenues jumped 34% as both government and corporate sectors sought out its digital surveillance equipment, and the company projects up to a 48% increase in full-year revenues for the fiscal year. Management says it'll follow up that performance with an additional 30% increase the following year.

Not everyone is enamored of how successful China Security & Surveillance has become. Although rating it to outperform the market, CAPS member ajacks1000 finds the use of its technology against the Chinese people abhorrent.

I'm sure the Chinese government -- which executed over 1,700 people in 2008 -- greatly appreciates the services of a company like CSR. So, with solid fundamentals, a great position right in the middle of China's growth spurt, and an ever-expanding demand for its services, CSR is well-positioned for long-term growth. As an investor, however, I am not going to have anything to do with this.

The company also plans on extending its reach beyond Safe Cities and is looking at the numerous "e-cities" that are sprouting up across the country. It's wiring communities not only for surveillance offerings, but also integrated digital platforms that combine broadband communications infrastructure.

Taking stock
Networking equipment gearheads have to be pleased by Infinera's revenue jolt, as the nascent recovery helped the company boost sales 21% compared with the previous quarter and 3% year over year on an adjusted basis. Industry researchers at IDC expect spending on wireless and wireline equipment by carriers to run as much as 8% higher in the second half of the year. Both Tellabs (NASDAQ:TLAB) and Juniper Networks (NASDAQ:JNPR) reported higher quarter-to-quarter sales as well.

The recovery is just the reason investors are bidding up Infinera's stock, which has climbed 15% over the past three months. CAPS member RTFM2009 says things may progress in fits and starts, but: "New technology, little bumps on the way but will do good as economy recovers."

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Gather 'round
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