Things continue to grow at CDC (NASDAQ:CHINA). The company that got its start with the online portal is coasting along thanks to strength in its enterprise software and Internet gaming businesses. Revenues climbed 43% higher to $89 million in its latest quarter. The company posted a loss for the period, saddled by several one-time, non-cash charges related mostly to previous acquisitions. Adjusted profits per share actually inched a penny higher to hit $0.07.

CDC wears plenty of hats these days, toiling away in areas like Web-based gaming, mobile applications, and cyberspace portals. But it's the company's corporate software division that accounts for 77% of the company's revenue mix.

That isn't a bad place to be. The company's enterprise products serve specific industries like homebuilding, food processing, and financial services. It continues to grow well, especially in the Western hemisphere. In fact, CDC only generates a third of its revenues in the Asia-Pacific region.

With its enterprise software business growing at a respectable 35% clip, you'd expect the rest of CDC's subsidiaries to be growing even faster in achieving that overall 43% top-line spurt. They are, in sum, but that certainly doesn't apply to its individual parts.

Providing cell phone content services has been a fading business since the government and mobile providers kicked in with regulatory changes. Even the company's portal business -- an area that should be booming with wider Internet usage and growth in paid search specialists like (NASDAQ:BIDU) -- has been a dud. Revenue is actually flat there compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

The one standout has been online gaming, thanks to the success of its Yulgang franchise. The release slate looks good in 2007, so expect CDC to find its name thrown in alongside the other online gaming leaders like NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES), Shanda (NASDAQ:SNDA), and The9 (NASDAQ:NCTY).

The growth in enterprise software and online multiplayer games should keep CDC growing this year. The organic pieces are in place, but the company will continue to sniff around for buyout opportunities. You don't see too many companies refer to an "acquisition pipeline" the way CDC did in this morning's earnings release, almost as if it's part of its day-to-day operating strategy.

So keep an eye on CDC, knowing that the growing globetrotter is about so much more than -- and China itself -- these days.

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