As the folks at Motley Fool Global Gains like to point out, foreign markets should offer investing opportunities for decades to come -- particularly China. Research In Motion (NYSE:RIMM) seems to agree. For the past eight years, the company has aggressively tried to enter the Chinese market. According to RIM's first-quarter conference call, it seems the company finally has the permission it sought.

China has become the world's biggest wireless market in the last few years. According to its Ministry of Industry Information, the country contains roughly 487.4 million wireless subscribers.

How big might the market get? An IDC study forecasts 681.5 million subscribers by 2010. That's a big sweet spot for RIM, which has roughly 9 million subscribers at present.

But don't assume that RIM will immediately capture a hefty chunk of the Chinese market. At first, it seems the company will start selling its 8700g handset in major areas like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, in partnership with China Mobile (NYSE:CHL).

The good news is that RIM has demonstrated success in key Asian markets like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. It certainly helps that the company has a trusted network for enterprise customers, and it's shown that it can keep up with innovative rivals such as Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

For the next couple of years, RIM probably doesn't need the Chinese market. The company most likely has plenty of growth left in its core current markets. As its blowout first quarter showed, it's getting a ton of business from partners such as Verizon (NYSE:VZ), AT&T (NYSE:T), and Sprint (NYSE:S).

With its stock up nearly 60% this year, RIM is far from cheap. But as management indicated in the conference call, it should have enough domestic momentum for several more years. Now, its deal in China gives the firm additional heft for the long term as well.

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