There are some people who would be proud of former Tyco (NYSE:TYC) chieftain Dennis Kozlowski. Gordon "Greed is good" Gekko would have admired Kozlowski's tax evasive move of having empty boxes of art shipped to states with friendlier tax codes. Bluto "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Blutarsky would have dug the fact that Kozlowski threw the mother of all toga parties on someone else's dime. But making fictional movie characters proud is highly overrated. Kozlowski is now gone, and Tyco is busy trying to overcome Kozlowski's shortcomings and turn itself around.

The company wraps up its fiscal year with its fourth-quarter report today. Tyco's stock has risen 50% over the past year, so it seems as if the market has taken a liking to the company's new leadership.


If you want to name your own price when it comes to (NASDAQ:PCLN), my advice to you is to see what others are bidding and then chime in a few pennies higher. I say this simply because Priceline has topped analyst estimates during each of the past seven quarters. Then again, just like the Boston Red Sox, every good streak can afford to be broken. In fact, when the company lowered its outlook for this most recent quarter back in August, it was more than a warning shot. Maybe it's advisable to hold off on placing your bets until the online bargain travel specialist explains its performance a little better on this day.


You've got earnings? Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) will be announcing its third-quarter financials come Wednesday. The media, online, and movie giant has been pretty mundane lately. Its share price has been stuck in the teens for the past year and a half. When it manages to land a hit movie or make headway on television, it's held back by America Online's sluggish subscriber growth or the difficult music industry. The company's enviable assets may make this a rewarding resting point for patient investors, though it would certainly be nice to see the company's numbers perk back up.


Are you ready to make some money off satellites in geostationary orbit pumping out more than 100 stations of digital-quality music, news, and other audio content? XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:XMSR), with 2.5 million subscribers and growing, will be broadcasting its September quarter results today. You hate to call it an "earnings report" because we all know that there won't be any earnings. XM and its fellow satellite radio specialist, Sirius (NASDAQ:SIRI), won't turn a profit for some time. However, given the fact that the two companies are looking to add nearly a million new subscribers combined in the final quarter, the sector's speedy growth bears watching -- or listening to -- as the case may be.


Want a computer-animated battle? No, I'm not just talking about Pixar's (NASDAQ:PIXR) The Incredibles, which opens in theaters today. That clan of superheroes will be put to the test now that the freshly minted DreamWorks Animation (NYSE:DWA) will be releasing Shrek 2 -- the top-grossing animated film of all-time -- on DVD the same day. Do you think it's deliberate? Of course. Studios usually pump out their new releases on Tuesdays. This was simply a sneaky way to try to slow down what should be a holiday blockbuster by creating a cinematic distraction at home. Whether it works or not, both films are likely to see a lot of green in the days to come.

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Rick Munarriz

Longtime Fool contributor and Rule Breakers newsletter writer Rick Munarriz once had an animated battle at a supermarket checkout line. He owns shares in Pixar.