"What do you want to do with the rest of your life?"

Do you want to...

... see the Far East? Fish full-time? Make your neighborhood not just a better place but a much better place?

Do you want to try a new career -- the one you always wanted -- based on your interests and values?

You can make the second half of your life the better half.

Unfortunately, over the course of the last 25 years, many of us have failed to put in place a solid foundation of savings for our retirement. And we know Social Security and our pension plans on their own won't give us the lives we're hoping for. If that's you, you're not alone. It's common in America.

Or maybe you're better off than that. To the best of your knowledge, you have made the right moves... but you're holding your breath as you head to Aruba because the truth is, you're just not sure the money will last.

Or maybe you truly are financially independent -- the American Dream, you're in charge of your destiny -- and you feel confident in your plan. But you still want to make the most of your savings and avoid the pitfalls that could turn retirement on the golf course into retirement in the spare room at your daughter's house (not that you mind being near the grandkids, but they still don't have air-conditioning over there).

For you, we are proud to offer The Motley Fool's essential Rule Your Retirement service.

That's right: You rule. We'll help.

You can't base your 21st-century retirement on 20th-century beliefs. The proverbial three-legged stool of Social Security, a traditional pension, and some savings might have been good enough for your parents, but it may not be good enough for you. The only way to find out is by seeing what you have and deciding whether it'll get you to where you want to go.

We've assembled a top-notch team to help you make the most of your money via two outstanding tools: First, our monthly newsletter, and second, our industry-leading interactive community support that ensures you can get answers to your questions and comments -- privately, if you so desire -- and talk to us and others just like you.

Your pilot on this ship is one of our favorites, longtime Motley Fool retirement expert Robert Brokamp (TMF Bro), whom so many have come to know over the years for his insightful articles written here at Fool.com, particularly for people over 40. What you may not have known is that Robert walked away from his job on Wall Street after realizing that because of commissions and conflicts of interest, his job as a financial advisor would wind up ensuring his own financial freedom but not necessarily that of his clients. Since then, he's been writing for us with wry wit and practical insight, instructing and advising thousands of Fools each and every week via Fool.com and the help he offers our Motley Fool Radio Show on NPR.

Rule Your Retirement is for anyone who wants to take the right steps toward financial independence, whether you're already retired, working toward that goal, or planning to work forever yet still wanting to manage Medicare, Social Security, and any pension benefits you've earned. Each month, our newsletter tells you:

  • How to make the most of your money
  • How to legally protect what you've spent decades accumulating, by reducing taxes and getting the right insurance (and no more!)
  • What attitudes and actions differentiate the rulers of retirement from the indefinite wage slaves
  • What the brightest minds of our times are thinking about money, retirement, and living better
  • What recent developments will affect your retirement, why you should care, and what you should do
  • How you can enjoy life now, by seeing the world, feeling better, and taking advantage of all the perks offered to those in the second half of their lives

We also make a point of providing you inspirational, successful stories of fellow Motley Fool members who have achieved financial independence and have tales to tell and advice to share. Their secrets? There are many, but they often boil down to having a plan, arranging your finances accordingly, and taking control. You can rule your retirement, but it doesn't just happen by itself. You make it happen.

Most of all, when we say Rule Your Retirement, we really mean your retirement. This service is for you. It's your chance to take advantage of all the resources The Motley Fool has to offer (OK, maybe not our corporate Sony PlayStation 2, but everything else). Via our discussion boards and email, our Rule Your Retirement team will get to know you and provide you with exactly the type of advice you need each and every month.

We hope you'll join us. At the very least, we recommend taking a free 30-day trial to our Rule Your Retirement service -- have a month on us. We think you're worth it!

Foolish best wishes for our success together,

David and Tom Gardner

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